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 Calm your mind 

Nature Tokens


This exercise is a basic, yet powerful, Mindfulness practice. It is usually the first technique I will introduce to clients who struggle with overthinking or intrusive/uncontrollable thoughts...

Another popular Mindfulness technique. This time the focus is on 'bodily presents'. The body is an amazing resource and medium to come back into the present moment - away from the tumultuous world of thought...



Girl by the Sea

Exiting Thoughts

This exercise will guide you through 4 simple steps to exit your thoughts. It is a great technique, utilising Neuro Linguistic Programming, Cognitive Behavioural methods and Mindfulness, to help you stop obsessive worry! 

Something In Me

Ann Weiser-Cornell, author of 'The Power of Focusing' (1996) and 'Focusing in Clinical Practice' (2013) developed this technique. It has two goals: to separate oneself from the overwhelming emotion (also known as being 'hijacked') and to develop a relationship with the internal parts of self.

To find out more about her truly transforming approach checkout her website:

A Compassionate View

This technique is particularly helpful if you struggle with anxiety and panic. Sensing the anxiety in your body and viewing it as a frightened part of you rather than your enemy will help you calm 'it' and yourself! 

A Hug



Guided Relaxation - 9 min

This 9 minute guided meditation exercise (with background music) begins with a relaxation technique known as 'diaphragmatic breathing. It then continues with a 'body scan' - gradually noticing and relaxing your body muscles and concludes with a visualisation that aims to lift your mood!  I hope you emerge fully relaxed and rejuvinated after this excersise! 

Guided Relaxation
00:00 / 09:03

Adapted from an exercise known as 'progressive muscle relaxation' this technique incorporates applied tension and breathing to induce a relaxed state. Remember: Anxiety can not exist in a relaxed body!

Winter Snow


Coral Reef Island

Guided safe space visualisation - 12 min

Sometimes we just need to get away from all the stresses and worries. This guided visualisation exercise takes you to a place that is tailored just for you! To a place where the only limit is your imagination!

Safe Space Visualisation_Philipp C. Name
00:00 / 12:00
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