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Philipp Chaim Berkovits 

FdA, BSc (Hons) MBACP (Accred)

Counsellor & Psychotherapist 

Whether through self-exploration or the acquisition of therapeutic techniques, as a therapist I continuously witness people flourish into happier and more confident individuals. People possess the ability to heal and better cope with difficult situations, and counselling and psychotherapy assists in that process.  Thus, therapy is undoubtedly a realistic path to achieving the goal that so many of us long for, that is - to self-actualise and live a happier and more satisfying life!

The catch? It requires motivation, commitment and perseverance! It takes time and there will be setbacks, but please don't give up - learn from it and take two steps forward!


0777 209 4974

If you are struggling with your mental health – the first thing you want to know and really acknowledge is that you are not at a dead end – there is help out there! One form of help is talking therapy where you are given the time and attention to explore your situation without any judgment and are given skills to help you better manage your situation.

I trained with Manchester College, Lancaster University and Staffordshire University and draw on  humanistic, cognitive and experiential approaches in my practice. My clients include all adults and young people (16+) from diverse cultural backgrounds.

I specialise in anxiety related issues such as generalised anxiety disorder, OCD and panic. Having lived with anxiety myself as well as having worked for Anxiety UK since 2018 I can relate to individuals who struggle with constant worry. Over the past few years, I have learned and further developed effective methods that have helped many clients cope better with their anxiety. However, I also have experience in working with relationship issues, low self-esteem, depression, trauma, work - related issues, anger and bereavement.

To learn more about myself, qualifications, experience and approach check out the About me page.


I practice in Prestwich, Bury, Manchester at two locations, the Holistic Centre, 2b Mather Avenue, M25 0LH and at Pathways 37a Bury New Rd, M25 9JY. The rooms are purposely designed for counselling and psychotherapy and are warm & welcoming.

What happens in the sessions?

You are in control of the sessions! It is your space to talk and explore whatever topic you feel like talking about. I will be there with you and together we will try to make sense of everything that is going on for you.  

Sometimes, I may ask you to pause and inwardly sense a bodily felt sensation that accompanies a topic - this is referred to as Focusing. At other times I may recommend strategies to help you better manage your thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

The therapy environment is a welcoming, accepting, non-judgemental and confidential space. It is my goal to help you achieve your goal!

The therapy sessions are 50 - 60 minutes long. The first session is one hour long and includes an initial assessment. This assessment helps me better understand your current level of psychological distress as well as monitor and assess the progress and efficacy of our sessions. We will also set a few minutes aside to address the therapy contract (fees, confidentiality etc). 

How do I get started? 

Should you decide to get in contact please message me and we'll arrange for a free initial phone consultation to talk about what it is that brings you to therapy and what it is that you like to get out of therapy.  You can then decide whether you like to have some sessions with me.  The amount of sessions is flexible and entirely up to you! I offer face-to-face, video call (i.e. Zoom) and telephone counselling.

Cost: £75 per session (50 - 60min).  

"Philipp, thanks for your support over the past few weeks. It has been so different from my previous experiences and is much appreciated" 



''Philipp was so easy to chat to and he fully understood my issues and how to help me deal with them. I found the whole process to be very effective and I've been amazed by the difference in my quality of life. Philipp managed to make me feel at ease and relaxed to the point I talked more than I would ever to someone. With this kind of atmosphere and feeling so able to talk about my problems without judgement made me be able to see things more clearly and take a step back. Once I was able to talk about what was going on inside my head it made it so much easier to deal with the thoughts rationally. I wish I'd done this years ago..." 


"Thank you for all your help but I think with your observation of me fearing the fear I have managed to stop doing so and am looking forward to my walk tomorrow night…It feels very good to be able to think straight without the fear now…Thank you so much again."


"Philipp, I would like to thank you for helping me discuss, process and make peace with a lot of things I wasn’t aware I was holding onto...'' 


Identifiable information have been removed to maintain clients' confidentiality

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